Feeling Stretched Thin? Check Your Biz Boundaries.

Is Your Biz Leaking Time, Energy & Money?


A quick marketing lesson for you today that will hopefully simplify some of the overwhelm that can come from designing a marketing plan.

Marketing can be divided up into two major categories – Attracting and Cultivating.

It’s important to understand the difference so you can design a marketing strategy that’s organized and makes sense.

Attraction Marketing is when you add new people to your tribe, generally by having them join your email list. This is classic “Blossom Stage” marketing where you’re aiming to find potential pollinators for your uniquely fragrant flower.

Attraction Marketing can be anything from:

  • Speaking and teaching
  • Networking
  • A free online class
  • A free downloadable guide promoted via Facebook ads
  • Guest blogging

Cultivation Marketing is what you do with people who have already said, “Cool, I like you,” and joined your tribe. It’s like giving a plant water, nutrients and sunshine.

The water, nutrients and sunshine in this case are the valuable content, wisdom and trainings you offer to your people via your email list so they can get to know you better and how you might be of service to them.

For example, my cultivation strategy includes:

  • Short bits of wisdom in newsletters
  • Content-rich Blog posts (I can re-post these outside my list so that they also serve as part of my attraction strategy)
  • Occasional free classes just for my tribe

Of course, there actually isn’t a choice here; we need both for a successful business.

But it’s important to understand the role each plays in your business, and when to focus on what.

For example, most people who sign up to join your group programs and retreats are actually already in your world. People rarely sign up for a big commitment without knowing you in some way (whether that be from a consultation call, being on your email list for a while, or taking a free class from you).

So it’s important to do Attraction Marketing way before your program starts so that people have had a chance to get to know you through your email communication, and they are more likely to sign up once you start Cultivation Marketing.

This is why it gets easier to promote your stuff over time… your tribe grows, people become more familiar with you, and at some point… they get to know you and like you and trust you enough to pull the trigger and work with you.

But this can take time. Ah, patience.

Make sense? What is your Attraction and Cultivation Marketing strategy?