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Business guided by nature

I help high-achieving coaches, consultants, and healers transform a business that drains them to a business that sustains them. And ultimately… to a business that NOURISHES them on every level, from financial to energetic.

I'm a little different from your average business coach.

The first piece of advice I give every client is… slow down.

This is not popular advice in the entrepreneurial world.

It’s more like, “Hustle, girl boss!” and “Make sh*t happen!” and “BE EPIC OR DIE TRYING!”

But I’m a firm believer that if we step off the hamster wheel, and tune into nature’s rhythms, we can grow more sustainable lives, businesses and even—gasp!— a better world.

I’m also certain that this slowing down is actually the catalyst for doing more of the work you’re meant to do, with more of the people you love, and more of the clarity and profits you desire. 

(Insert “Less truly is more!” epiphany here).

And I’m willing to bet that while you may love what you do, and you’re likely pretty darn great at it—you also probably:

Try to do way too much… and feel stressed and overworked, when what you really want is more free time and space in your life.

✓ Yearn for more organization, strategy and systems… so you can be more focused, streamlined and efficient with your precious time.

✓ Would love to increase your client flow & revenues… without getting even busier (& without resorting to slimy marketing tactics).


And the goin’ it alone route that got you this far...
isn't quite cutting it anymore.

Spoiler alert:



No BS, fancy bells, whistles, sales-y advice, or workaholic
tactics served here. And instead? A simple,
nature-inspired process for doing business.

And more time, space, and money to enjoy your life.

Because who in the world wants to look back on their life and say “Man, I’m glad I wore myself out and worked every waking hour and never felt truly connected to what I was doing or who I was working with and boy were those profits mediocre!”

(Psst: the answer is no one. And certainly not you.)